It’s Spring! … At the Connecticut Flower & Garden Show

It’s Spring! … At the Connecticut Flower & Garden Show

Well, I have HAD it with winter. Sunday I hit the wall and simply went to bed really early, buried under thick blankets, trying to get away from the howling winds and insane cold. But Monday, my spirits completely turned around as I set foot in the CT Convention Center and started working on setting up for the flower show which is happeningthis Thursday-Sunday. Huge witch hazel trees forced into perfect bloom, piles of mulch and sod, flowering plants absolutely everywhere – my soul was soothed and I came home singing a joyful song.  Wait till you see the show this year! I have been working on a garden, collaborating with two others, and it is just so pretty. The other landscape gardens I have been watching being put together are pretty stunning. I consider the flower show a valuable right of passage to spring.


Spring? Did you know that as of today the first day of spring is a mere 30 days away? Truly! We are doing a countdown on Facebook and posting a different pretty picture each day. That, too, is keeping me sane.

Coming up in TWO weeks is Design Day, a full day of gardening classes. I have not taught design classes in a few years and I have been working hard putting together some awesome workshops especially for this day. Click here for more info on all of our upcoming events!

Let me simply say that spring WILL arrive and soon we WILL be gardening again. Until then, join the countdown on Facebook, sign up for our gardening classes, and GET THEE TO THE FLOWER SHOW!

See you soon…