It’s Time to GROW!

It’s Time to GROW!

It’s time to GROW! “What?” you ask. How can I GROW with all this SNOW? Let me inspire you…

It doesn’t look like we will be planting our peas on St. Patrick’s Day this year, but be ready to plant them as early as the ground can be worked.

  1. Grow Day is coming up on March 14th. This is a day filled with mini-workshops on growing food, herbs, and flowers. You will learn about starting plants from seed and gardening with the moon phases. As a special treat, Diane St. John will share with you how she raises monarch and swallowtail butterflies from eggs and releases them.
  2. This Saturday is theNOFA/CT Winter Conference. This is a very high energy day filled with tons of workshops. Natureworks will have a booth filled with seeds and books.
  3. This Saturday is also the Hardy Plant Society of CT’s Winter Symposium. There are two in-depth speakers focusing on snowdrops and hardy orchids for CT. Natureworks will be there with books and seeds.
  4. This Thursday is the UCONN Perennial Plant Conference. They will have a wonderful lineup of great speakers including my friend Kim Stoner who will be talking about planting to help the bees and other pollinators.

Red Tulip with Brunnera.

Besides growing your knowledge, you can also start seeds indoors of early crops such as broccoli, onions, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, parsley, and a whole lot more. And don’t forget to pick a few branches of witch hazel, Abeliophyllum, Lonicera fragrantissima, forsythia, and pussywillows and force them into bloom in the house. Do it! Put on your winter boots and venture out there in the snowbanks and bring some spring color inside with you for the next few weeks. While you are out there you will notice that the sun is warmer, the birds are singing, and it’s light out a lot later in the day. Those are all signs, despite Mother Nature’s antics, that spring really is a just a few weeks away.

Breadseed poppies add color to my veggie beds. Don’t sow the seed yet! Wait until the snow has melted and then sprinkle them onto frozen (or wet, cold) soil. They need that early chill period, but if you sprinkled them now they would probably blow away.

So spring officially starts in 16 days and that means Natureworks will be open full time starting Friday, March 20th. Keep the faith and know that in all of my 32 years in business, no matter what winter and the month of March threw at us, spring ALWAYS arrived. And it will do so this year. Till then, stay in the loop by watching our countdown to spring on the Natureworks Facebook page and attending our Grow Day event a week from Saturday as well as some of the other great opportunities for learning listed below.  Speaking of spring, don’t forget to “spring ahead” this Sunday as daylight savings time starts! I usually wake up with the sun and lately I have been finding myself waking up at 6 am. Yes, the days ARE getting longer.

I’ll see you very soon…