John Davern

John Davern

Landscape Crew
Natureworker since 1996

NOFA Accredited Land Care Practitioner
Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional (CNLA/CANP)

Born in NYC, we moved to the suburbs of Long Island and then CT when I was still young. I began landscaping in my early 20’s with Joe Bartlett, who had a New Haven landscaping company. I took a side trip into retail for about a decade but was so happy to be back in the industry I love when I joined the Natureworks Team!

As a member of an industry that is constantly evolving into more and more ecological realms, I am particularly interested in how our customers’ land lots can — while maximizing color, beauty, texture, etc. — heed the principles of ecology, in such ways, as IPM, habitat gardens, water conservation, maximizing pollination opportunists, and many other practices. Through my own education and, in turn, the education of our clients, we can better serve the land and the neighborhoods in which our clients reside — to have a beautiful and healthy landscape. The turn that the industry has taken over the past few decades is very exciting and gratifying for me. The days of merely trading one’s time and labor for pay have not-so-slowly changed into a much more meaningful and exciting endeavor. Today’s yard workers are elite teams who not only do what looks best aesthetically but also do what is right for the health of the land and the people who enjoy it.

MY SPECIALTY: Mechanical Weeding and Transplanting Perennials.

FUN FACT: I often jump into the Icy Cold Long Island Sound all through the Cold Winter Months! I also often take part in the annual New Haven Polar Plunge at Lighthouse Park.

NANCY ADDS…“John has been with Natureworks for many years, both in the retail shop and on the crew. You can be sure that when you are on the crew with John, the conversation will never be dull as his eclectic personality encompasses so many aspects of our world. No matter where we travel to do a job, you can bet that John will run into someone he knows.”