Let us Design your Fall Containers

Let us Design your Fall Containers


As summer transitions into fall, it’s time for a fresh new look. Let my talented staff at Natureworks help you jazz up your windowboxes, patio pots, and deck planters for the upcoming fall season. We have tons of really pretty, colorful, and textural plants to add “bling” to your outdoor living spaces.


Heucheras and asters can be used in fall containers and later added to your garden

I like to add fall blooming perennials to my container gardens at this time of year. The Ceratostigma plumbaginoides (Leadwort or plumbago) pictured above in a pot filled with orange marigolds is a great example. This hardy perennial blooms for many months. In late fall I plant it in my border and it becomes a permanent part of my collection.


Montauk daisies in small pots are great to embellish fall pots. Next year they will be large perennials!

We have plenty of smaller containers of perennials and grasses that will fulfill this role: golden and bronze Heucheras, quart sized Coreopsis in all the latest colors, 4″ Montauk daisies, blue and purple asters, Sedums of all sorts, you get the picture.


New and wonderful varieties of Coreopsis make your containers look fresh and new again