We LOVE Air Plants!

We LOVE Air Plants!



Imagine growing plants in your home that do not need to be planted in pots- they live on air! If you have been to the tropics, you will have seen them hanging from the trees. Even Spanish moss is considered an air plant.

How can they live on air, you ask? They are epiphytes, meaning that they grow onsomething. They get their water from the rain! To duplicate this at home,  bring them to the sink, the bathtub, or place them on a large tray andmist them well once a week. Living Spanish moss should be misted 2 or 3 times a week, especially if you have a dry, heated house.


Air plants require non-chlorinated water. Fill a pitcher with tap water and let it sit overnight. The chlorine will dissipate.  Then pour it into your mister bottle. You can also use distilled water or rainwater.


Air plants do NOT want to be in a hot, sunny window. Think about it, they grow in the branches of trees; try and duplicate that light by offering them a bright, filtered light.


Now that you know how ridiculously easy they are to care for, it’s time to get creative:

  • Create a terrarium using air plants and cool lichens and reindeer moss.
  • Find a piece of driftwood or a curly branch and attach air plants to  it with fishing line, wire, or glue. We don’t use hot glue as it can burn the plants.
  • Glue air plants to seashells.
  • Make an air plant mobile using glittery jeweler’s wire.
  • Make an air plant tree, complete with living Spanish moss. Found a birds nest in your yard now that the leaves have fallen? Add it to your tree.
  • Make an air plant wreath. We have sphagnum moss frames that are perfect for this project.