Microgreens grow your own INDOORS!

Microgreens grow your own INDOORS!

Microgreens – The fastest, easiest, most nutritious crop you can grow… INDOORS!

For the past couple of years I have been noticing all the buzz about growing microgreens. Many of my friends who are greenhouse growers have been growing and selling freshly harvested microgreens and can’t keep up with the demand. We’ve also been selling a lot of the seeds at the garden center, more and more every month. This winter, I decided to figure out what all the excitement is about.

WELL! It turns out that anyone can grow microgreens in 10 days to two weeks right on a sunny windowsill. You sow the seeds into moist, organic soil (we use Organic Mechanics) and sprinkle a light coating of soil on top of them. Then you keep them moist. They germinate quickly and when they get their second set of leaves, you snip them with scissors and eat them. Then you start all over again with more seeds.

Wait a minute, you exclaim, what the heck ARE microgreens anyway? They are the seedling version of the greens you would normally eat- all kinds of lettuces, mustards, herbs, cabbage, beets, radishes, peas, spinach, and a lot more. They are NOT sprouts. Sprouts are germinated seeds and you eat the entire thing- seed, root, and stem. Microgreens are the first set of true leaves (after the seedling or cotyledon leaves) of nutritious, delicious young shoots.

What really caught my attention is that eating greens in this form is 4 to FORTY PERCENT more nutritious than when you grow them out to full size in the garden. Think of it as a condensed package of goodness. Needless to say there are many health benefits to growing and eating fresh microgreens.

You probably are already eating them in restaurants and on sandwiches as they are all the rage with chefs these days. I am setting up a tray in a window in my home office and getting started. I keep craving fresh greens but really can’t stand to buy even the organic lettuce in the stores that I know is shipped across the country. It makes me crazy at this time of year. This is the answer. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.