One of our main goals at Natureworks is to educate our community about gardening for the wildlife with which we share our properties. A big piece of this is to teach others how to plant for the pollinators. All pollinators-birds, dragonflies, butterflies, moths, bees, bats, etc.

A lot of attention has been given to the monarch butterfly in recent years. Many people want to help the monarch butterfly survive and prosper. Please realize if you help the monarch butterfly, you will also help all the other pollinators too! If we all band together as stewards of our personal yards for the monarch, we will create large areas that are safe and encourage them to thrive.

On our 1 acre property at Natureworks, we have planted the plants they need to survive and we have successfully raised over 1000 monarch butterflies since 2014! How did we do that?


Check out our monarch raising slideshow here

In Summer of 2016, we sent a press release detailing what we were doing with the monarchs.

Here are some of our favorite websites to learn about monarchs and all the pollinators- They are all great resources!