I have to keep reminding myself this week that it is still March! With Easter in the past and the daffodils and star magnolias in full bloom everywhere, it sure feels like April to me. Never mind the crazy chaos happening on every front at Natureworks. There is nothing like an early spring to get you up and moving…
‘Love Bug’ is one of our new Hellebores that is turning heads in our lath house. It certainly caught my eye!¬†
With the sunny days and cool nights this week, you still want to plant only cold tolerant perennials and annuals such as pansies that can truly take a dip into the 20’s at night. We keep our greenhouse at 40 degrees and our pansies and violas are hardened off and gorgeous. We also have spring bulb plants, gorgeous Ranunculus, Hellebores, and colorful perennials such as Sedum ‘Angelina’ with

Weave Sedum ‘Angelina’ into your spring pots and windowboxes. Later you can add it to your permanent collection in your garden. It’s a great perennial and even looks good in the winter.¬†

golden foliage and Veronica peduncularis ‘Georgia Blue’ with cobalt blue flowers. I have seen some stunning container gardens being planted up here this week. Remember, you can bring in your pots and use our potting bench. We have organic soil and fertilizer at the ready and my staff wouldlove to help you put some combinations together.

NOW is the time to start planting your cool season vegetables directly in the ground. Radishes, carrots, lettuce, Swiss chard, peas, broccoli raab are just some of the veggies that are planted in early April. Not sure how to do it? I am teaching one more class on food at Zion Episcopal Church this coming Saturday on this subject: Grow the Most Food Possible in your own  Backyard. This is an in-depth, extended version of the workshop that was packed to overflowing

Gardening is a family project in Diane’s household.

at the CT Flower and Garden Show this winter. Walk-ins are welcome for this class if you haven’t preregistered. See details below. You can see Diane’s son planting peas into soil that has been sprinkled with Organic Plant Magic. They will be growing up one of our heavy duty tomato cages. Diane makes it a family project to plant, tend, and harvest food. I wish I was that organized! I did notice that the tips of my asparagus spears are poking up through the mulch in my raised beds. I will steal some time this Sunday, when I am off, to work in my own edible gardens, cleaning up and pruning raspberries.

Pea planting
NEXT week we will be getting our first shipment of cold tolerant early spring organic veggieseedlings such as broccoli, onions, lettuces of all sorts, spinach, and more. Our asparagus roots and organic seed potatoes are expected to arrive by this weekend.
Because I garden in accordance with the phases of the moon, I am planning on planting my peas next April 8th and 9th. We just got another shipment of our Gardening by the Moon calendars. This is an ancient practice made simple when you consult this calendar each week.

The other class I am teaching this coming Saturday at Zion Episcopal Church is Overcoming your Fear of Pruning. I LOVE to teach pruning and this is a wonderful class that will cover all the basics with a special focus on hydrangeas and clematis. I have been gathering photos of pruning techniques for a long time to illustrate this. Again, walk-ins are welcome if you have not preregistered; see details below.

My English Garden Tour in July is filling up fast. I already have 11 people registered and 12 more very interested. The tour is limited to 25. Many are calling it “the ultimate 10 day garden walk with Nancy”! If you are interested, shoot me an email atnancyd@naturework.com and I will send you all the details. You can also check out my Pinterest page
where I put up pictures of the gardens we will be visiting and the hotels where we will be staying.
My Potentilla shrub after spring pruning. Because it blooms on current year’s wood, it is open pruned now. Learn how to prune all kinds of flowering shrubs at my Pruning Workshop at the Zion Episcopal Churchthis Saturday.
Take advantage of this early spring. It doesn’t happen very often, as we all know. Things are really hopping here at Natureworks. I LOVE to see the smiles on the faces of my customers when they first arrive. They are thrilled to see the pansies, spring bulbs, pussywillows, perennials, and all we have waiting just for you. Make the time to come in for a visit this week. Stroll our gardens which are exploding with bulbs and perennials, and feed your spirit and your soul as March turns into April. I look forward to seeing you…