Only 29 Days Until Spring!

Only 29 Days Until Spring!

It’s Flower Show week! Get ready to “get your spring on!”. Head on up to the CT Convention Center in Hartford Thursday thru Sunday and you will discover beautiful gardens filled with flowers, waterfalls, blooming trees, and spring bulbs. The Natureworks team started setting up our double booth on Monday. It will be filled to overflowing with thousands of seed packets, dahlias and other bulbs, houseplants, tons of children’s books, Doug Tallamy’s new book Nature’s Best Hope, and so much more. We are once again right across from the Federated Garden Club displays. I love wandering through, checking out all the arrangements, reading the judges comments, and especially looking at the amazing plants that are entered each year. I also LOVE to shop for a few late winter treats for myself- lavender hand cream, candles…you just never know what you will find. All the information you need can be found in the links below. 
We have restocked our seeds and have brought ALL of them up to the flower show for the week. 
What a perfect winter to sprinkle breadseed poppy seeds on the ground. In the trade, we call it an open winter. The earth has barely frozen and you don’t have to wait for any snow to melt to sprinkle these seeds throughout your gardens. They need the chill period that late winter offers to break dormancy. This is an annual ritual for us at Natureworks and the results are spectacular. 

Yes, there will be lots and lots of seeds, including poppy seeds, at the flower show!.

The workshop lineup for all four days is impressive. Charlie Nardozzi, Len Giddix, Lorraine Ballato, Tom Christopher, George Trecina, Pamm Cooper, Gail Reynolds, and so many more great speakers will be giving talks. Chris Tuccio and Christine Darnell from Naugatuck Community College’s Horticulture program will be there. Craig LeHoullier will speak about Epic Tomatoes. My friend Larry Huzi will teach you how to make spring floral designs. Steve Walowski of Hillside Landscaping will teach Organic Lawn Care. Natureworks’ very own Diane St. John is giving a workshop on Saturday at 3:30: Every Yard Matters- How to Create a Healthy Monarch Butterfly Habitat. I will be offering two workshops. On Friday at 4:30 I have put together a brand new workshop called Old Friends New Loves. It took me days to decide which classic plants and new varieties to feature. On Saturday at 12:30 I am teaching The Bookends of the Season, a talk that focuses on late winter/early spring and late season bloomers to support our pollinators. All workshops are including in the price of your admission ticket. I have a hard time deciding who to see when I am not working in our booth. Winter is the time to broaden your gardening horizons, get inspired, and explore new ideas for the growing season ahead. 

Grab all your seeds at the flower show this weekend- spring is only 29 days away and our cool season crops will be growing before you know it. 
Natureworks Classes will begin in March. Sign up today, they are filling up so fast this year! All of the information can be found below. Click on any class and it will bring you right to our website where you can register on line or download a registration form to send in. Better yet, why not sign up when you visit our booth at the flower show this week? 
It won’t be long before our gardens will be overflowing with flowers again. Until then, head up to the flower show and see gorgeous gardens in full bloom this weekend!
Don’t miss the CT Flower and Garden Show. It is a rite of passage to spring which is only 29 days away! See you there…

Pick up seeds to help our pollinators at the flower show this weekend!
Plant lots and lots of zinnias in 2020. They are beloved by butterflies.