Our Ongoing Focus on Pollinators and Butterflies

Our Ongoing Focus on Pollinators and Butterflies

This Friday afternoon from 5:00 – 6:00 pm, I have been asked to give a presentation at the North Haven Fair on Planting for Pollinators and Butterflies. I am so psyched! I will be at one of the classrooms put together by the Boy Scout Venturing Crew. I will be bringing lots of plants, information, and of course monarch butterflies in all life stages.
Mason bee houses support this native, tunnel nesting bee species
Next Tuesday evening, September 13th from 7:00 – 8:00 pm, I am honored to participate in a live one hour roundtable discussion about pollinators on iCRV internet radio. This is so cool- a radio station that is streamed live over the internet! I will be joined by Gail Reynolds, the Director of the Middlesex County Master Gardener Program for the Universtity of CT.
* Listen to the LIVE stream at
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* download the free icrvradio app (for android and iOS) … by bluetoothing the app in the car they can listen to us while on the go, too!
iCRV Radio is proud to be the only real time, full time, interactive informational resource dedicated entirely to the Lower Connecticut River Valley,
so please mark your calendars and feel free to participate during the LIVE show by:
* calling in with gardening questions/comments at 860.526.iCRV (860.526.4278)
* emailing questions/comments to info@icrvradio.com
* commenting on the iCRV Radio facebook thread …
* being part of the studio audience at 108 Main Street in Ivoryton
Last year in the fall, I found a record number of Eastern black swallowtail

Larval plant food: dill
Plant now and it will also self sow next spring

caterpillars in my yard. They were all over my bronze fennel which I originally put in to attract beneficial wasps which parasitize the bad bugs. Plus, my husband cooks with the seeds and I love the flavor of the leaves. We have in stock a nice collection of plants that will provide larval food for these butterflies.This generation will lay

eggs, the caterpillars will feed this fall, and the chrysalises will overwinter and hatch next spring. If you happen to find them, you can bring them into the garage for the winter and watch them hatch around Easter time. Besides bronze fennel, we have bulbing fennel (Florence fennel, also known as finnochio), cilantro, parsley, and dill. Add them to your flower borders, veggie beds, and containers then watch them carefully as the fall unfolds. Maybe you will see what I saw- nearly TWENTY caterpillars!

Eastern black swallowtail caterpillar on bronze fennel.