Playing with Pumpkins- Let me Count the Ways!

Playing with Pumpkins- Let me Count the Ways!

This week we are in transition. The outdoor plants are now on sale, we are reordering our spring blooming bulbs for the last time, we have one variety of organic hardneck seed garlic left, and we are preparing to unpack and begin setting up our holiday shop. Whew! BUT, the focus this week is REALLY on PUMPKINS! How do we love them? Let me count the ways…
1. Pumpkinscaping– we still have really nice, big, unusual pumpkins for sale. Halloween is next Tuesday. If you haven’t finished your fall decorating, don’t despair. You can stack them, put them in porch pots, line them up on your steps, pile them around your scarecrow, you name it.
2. This Saturday is our ever-popular workshop Playing with Pumpkins. We carve a small sugar pumpkin, add floral foam, and then we pick tons of flowers and berries and foliage. I then teach you to make an arrangement. The class is limited and we already have signups. Register today- it is free, but we ask for a $5 or more donation to the North Branford Food Bank as your entrance fee.
You CAN make a pumpkin arrangement. Let me show you how. Sign up today and have fun this weekend- bring a friend. 
3. On Sunday we are having a GREAT kid’s workshop- Pumpkin Planting for Kids. This is a fun, relaxed event where your kids get to not only learn to plant, but they get to take home their project just in time for Halloween.
4. Our signature Succulent Pumpkins are all the rage. They are selling as fast as we are making them. We will be having a make-your-own

Perk on Main in Durham is our favorite place to stop for organic coffee and delicious food. They love our succulent pumpkins! 

workshop in November, but, for now, you just can’t beat these beautiful, unique creations for decorating your home, giving as gifts, or brightening up your desk at work. They are super long lasting, usually lasting for a couple months! In fact, when the pumpkin is finally done, most people plant the succulents in a pot and continue to grow them on the windowsill! 

Speaking of winter windowsills, it may be hard to think about, but you will be hanging out alongside your winter windowsills in just a few months. Last Thursday I was supposed to feature Amaryllis Forcing on Facebook Live but I got stuck in traffic coming back from a talk and Jillian jumped in and did a great talk on growing garlic. So 

THIS THURSDAY we are definitely focusing on Amaryllis. Tune in at 4pm on Facebook or watch the episode later (all are archived on the Natureworks Facebook Page). I have a lot of very useful tricks of the trade to share with you AND, by planting your Amaryllis bulbs this weekend, you can really get them started in time for holiday gift giving.

We LOVE, love, love this new book 
We are steadily increasing our stock of indoor plants as the weather begins to change. My staff is now paying attention to the knowledge I love to share with them. I have been studying houseplants since my college years. In fact, I did an independent study on houseplants at UConn. Now, houseplants are back. Of course! There are many new varieties but the basics remain the same. Of course we sell the very best organic houseplant soil and we have a really nice selection of indoor pottery to compliment your new plants. It’s late to bring your houseplants indoors. All of mine are in except for two that need to be repotted. That goes hand in hand with pruning, grooming, and spraying with Neem to prevent unwanted winter pests such as scale or mealybugs. I will be offering a FREE workshop Embracing Houseplants in our greenhouse on Saturday, November 4th. Click on the November Events link below for the details.  
We even have ‘Chester’ blackberries in stock and on sale. Grow your own! 
As hard as it is to face it, with the 70 degree days we have enjoyed for the past few weeks, the weather is changing. Diane has decided to put the remaining outdoor plants on sale
I can’t believe we still have evergreen holly ferns left on our shade benches. I use this is so many of my garden designs. Now 30% off.
at 30% off 
with a large selection at even deeper discounts. We still have so many really interesting and valuable plants left that will enhance your landscape. Evergreen holly ferns, all kinds of edibles such as figs and blackberries, lovely hostas, Echinaceas, native spicebush (Lindera), dwarf Physocarpus… still so much to choose from. I literally STUFFED my car on Saturday when I left. Customers and staff were laughing at me, but I love to plant right now. Next year I am steadily amazed by my new additions and so proud of myself for putting forth the effort. Actually, planting in late October isn’t that hard, and now, with the rain and the onset of cooler weather, it will be a joy to be outside getting physical exercise and soaking up the sunshine.  

Got figs? I do and you can too. I have been picking 5-6 figs every few day for the past month. We have two varieties of edible fig trees still in stock- they are on sale at 30% off! 
I still have the prettiest fall garden I have ever had. Last weekend, my sister came to visit and did a video of me sitting in a patch of Aster oblongifolius

‘Raydon’s Favorite’ which is a mass of beautiful blue flowers and buzzing with life-including a monarch butterfly.  CLICK HEREto watch the video- it has a surprise ending!    

Are you still harvesting food from your veggie garden? I am! Monday I made escarole and bean soup with my own escarole, garlic, and celery. Sunday I made baked ‘Honeynut’ baby butternut squash with beets and carrots from the garden. This week I am stir frying tat soi with fresh ginger and making a salad from my ‘Nancy Butterhead’ lettuce and freshly harvested radishes that I raised in two Smart Pots.  
We REALLY want you to tell us all about your 2017 food growing experiences. Jillian has created a quick survey that we would LOVE to have you fill out. Plus, we are asking you to send us photos of your home grown food for our 2017 Veggie Yearbook. Please join the fun and CLICK HERE to take the survey. Thank you so much from all of the Natureworks Veggie Heads! 
The last weekend of October is around the corner. It has been a warm, lovely fall so far in CT. We are grateful for every drop of rain that will fall this week and look forward to another beautiful weekend ahead. We have so many fun events planned, and so many flowers to pick and enjoy. Our gardens are abundant and filled with pollinators, even a few lingering monarchs. Please make time to come in for a visit.  


I hope to see you very soon…