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Carousel Mum

Carousel Mum

Karen helped plan and create the children’s garden.

“I was inspired by the children’s  I Spy  books and the natural curiosity of kids. I hoped it would be fun for them to hunt in a space of their own for various plants with amusing names, characteristics, as well as insects and other things found in the garden from the hints I posted. I also added a bit of education via humor!”



Sempervivum  (HENS AND CHICKS)

Lupinus ‘The Governor’  (LUPINE)

Hibiscus syriacus ‘Variegated’  (ROSE OF SHARON)

Dendranthema ‘Mei-Kyo’ (CHRYSANTHEMUM)

Dendranthema ‘Carousel’  (CHRYSANTHEMUM)

Helianthus maximilliana (PERENNIAL SUNFLOWER)