Pot Up Bulbs NOW for your Winter Windowsill

Pot Up Bulbs NOW for your Winter Windowsill


Nothing compares to the joy I feel when I bring a pot of crocus or snowdrops up from the cellar and watch them flower on my winter windowsill. This is such an easy, rewarding project for early November that will keep you smiling as they bloom when the snow is falling.


April blooming tulips are ideal for indoor forcing

If you want to force hardy bulbs you need to understand the basic premise: they need a dormant period in order to grow their roots. When you plant spring blooming bulbs in the ground now, the roots immediately begin forming. It takes 10-14 weeks of cool temperatures before the bulbs are ready to flower. We call this the chill period. I am lucky enough to have a separate back room in my cellar that is cool and dark and stays at about 45 degrees. That is where my potted bulbs go for their chill period. At Natureworks, we put them on the steps below our Bilco cellar door. Because the cellar furnace is on all winter, they get just enough warmth to keep them above freezing.


Imagine Iris reticulata blooming in your house in February! Pot them up now.

Crocuses, Iris reticulata, snowdrops, grape hyacinths, fragrant hyacinths, daffodils, and April blooming tulips all are excellent choices for potting up and forcing.

Click here to download a handout I wrote that explains this process in detail. Then get in here and take advantage of our hardy bulbs sale and pot up some bulbs of your own. This will become a fall tradition!