Garden Maintenance and Pruning the Natureworks Way


Saturday March 23, 2019

Garden Maintenance and Pruning the Natureworks Way

10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Garden Maintenance throughout the Growing Season The Natureworks Way

We are absolutely thrilled that Lisa Elder, Senior Crew Leader of one of our Natureworks gardening teams, has offered to teach an in-depth workshop on caring for your garden, organically, the Natureworks way. She will discuss watering (what is too much or too little), weeding (identifying weeds and managing them), perennial pruning, deadheading, and pinching, and pest patrol (good bug or bad bug and what can I do and still protect the earth?) Lisa is very sensitive to the environmental impacts of her work, always looking to nature for solutions. Learn professional maintenance techniques from someone who has been out in the field, 40 hours per week, managing gorgeous gardens, for many years.

Bring an empty plastic water bottle and Lisa will teach you how to make a recycled rain gauge

Instructor: Lisa Elder, Senior Crew Leader, Natureworks

Registration Required: $25