Raised Bed Gardening 


Saturday April 6, 2019

12:00 noon – 2:00 pm

Raised Bed Gardening 

We are thrilled to have Sue Lavallee, passionate gardener and Coast of Maine Organic Products representative, join us for this information-packed seminar! Learn the methods and importance of topdressing and incorporating compost into your garden beds every year, the no-till method of gardening, the importance of organic gardening practices and the Soil Food Web.  Beginning with planning on paper, learn about building materials, choosing your location, figuring out the size of the beds, and how many you need.  Sue will teach you how to calculate the volume of soil necessary to fill your beds, what soil works best, and why it is important to pre-warm the soil at various times of the growing season.  Timing, irrigation, organic feeding, and seasonal maintenance of your beds will complete the picture.

Registration Required: $25