Renew your Fall Containers… Let us Help!

Renew your Fall Containers… Let us Help!



We have exciting news! We have set up a wonderful custom planting area right as you walk into our nursery yard. We encourage you to bring us your tired, bedraggled summer pots and let us freshen them up for you. That is exactly what Janice did in the picture above. Diane helped her to pick out lots of fun plants, including perennials that will later be added to her perennial borders.


We are stocked to the brim with really cool plants. Not just mums- heavens no! We’ve got winter pansies, Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’ (which often overwinters along the coast), Hypericums, colorful Heucheras, Salvias, asters galore, ornamental cabbages, all KINDS of neat plants.


Agastache ‘Tango’

Believe it or not, summer will continue for a few more weeks! Fall officially begins on September 22nd and we have a month and a half after that to enjoy our outdoor living spaces. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your yard even more beautiful as the seasons unfold.