Renew your Organic Lawn this Fall

Renew your Organic Lawn this Fall


At Natureworks, our focus is on building healthy soil and creating a healthy ecosystem that will encourage lawn grass and discourage weeds. Healthy turf grass in healthy soil will crowd out other plants, out-competing them for nutrients, light, and water. And most importantly, you, your children and your pets will not be harmed by chemicals in your own yard. We have a wonderful organic lawn care program and are here to answer any questions you may have!

What steps to take in fall:

Fall is THE BEST time to fertilize your lawn. If you only fertilize once, this is the time to do it. We have several organic fertilizers in stock and based on your soil test (if you have one bring it in), we can recommend the right one for your soil. Our fertilizers not only contain vital nutrients but also beneficial minerals, trace elements and organic matter. Feed the soil with an organic fertilizer and the soil will slowly release these nutrients to the grass over time

Fall is also THE BEST time to seed and reseed any bare or weedy patches. Think of it-there is a place in the lawn you have weeded and it is now pretty bare. Next spring, what will sprout there? More weeds! Instead, take the time to seed these areas. Scratch up the soil, then top dress with Coast of Maine Topsoil. Sprinkle our Custom Blend grass seed, top dress with chopped straw, water and the bare spot will fill in with nice green grass and stay that way! Thick, tall grass is the best defense against weeds!

Fall is also THE BEST time to apply our beneficial nematodes for grub issues. If you are seeing areas being torn up by skunks or crows, go flip over a patch of grass about 12″x12″. If you can count ten or more grubs, you should consider spraying beneficial nematodes to get rid of them.

If you suspect you may have grubs, make sure before you use anything. Flip over a patch of 12″x12″ grass. If you see just see a few grubs, your lawn can handle that and there is no need to do anything.

Stop in to discuss your lawn care needs. We are here to help you have the safest, prettiest organic lawn possible. We have a Natureworks approved selection of the best organic products available for your lawn and gardens and the trained staff to help you decide what you may need.


See you soon!


We are here to help you have the organic lawn you want. No need for a combination fertilizer and weed control product, let us help you have a safe, pesticide free place to play.
Handouts available in the store, or click here:

Organic Lawn Care Handout

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