Seedy Sunday Is Here!

Seedy Sunday Is Here!

Is it spring yet? The weather over the past few days has been amazing. I have snowdrops in bloom and my purple witch hazel was covered with honeybeeson Monday when I went down into my lower yard to take photographs. Shipments are already arriving on the Natureworks doorstep- books, potting soil, Grow Bags, all kinds of goodies. The atmosphere around here is electric!

You will have a chance to experience this excitement thiscoming Sunday. It’s Seedy Sunday, the one day we are open for retail in the winter and a celebration of all things SEEDY!!! The racks are overflowing with every kind of seed you could want- heirlooms, organics, flowers, herbs, veggies, bee plants, butterfly plants, you name it, we’ve got it. We have Organic Mechanics seed starting soil, heat mats, trays, cow pots, soil thermometers, books on seed starting. Plus, we have the knowledge to help you select the best varieties for your yard.

These poppies were all planted from seed sown directly on cold soil in the winter.

With this warm weather, it is certainly not too early to directly sow poppies and larkspur on the soil. All of our perennial Asclepias (including milkweed) seeds need stratification, which means a minimum of 6 weeks in cold soil. You can plant them in pots and keep them in a shed or garage and then reset them where you want them in the garden later. You can begin to start your cool

season veggies indoors now- lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, kale, pansies, calendulas- to name a few.Click here¬†for our handout on that subject. Warm season crops like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants shouldn’t be started until mid-late March. BUT, you should buy the seed you want NOW to be sure you have it.

Some plants really should just be sown directly. All legumes, such as peas and beans, and root crops such as carrots, radishes, and beets, are best sown directly into the ground (or Grow Bag or container) at the proper time. When planting legumes, always use legume inoculant when sowing the seeds. This is a powdered form of beneficial bacteria that helps the roots of legumes form nitrogen fixing nodules.

I am thrilled to announce that my friend Sandy Merrill from Hart’s Seeds will be here at 10 am on Seedy Sunday and will stay for a few hours. She will bring

with her some Veggie Confetti microgreens to help you learn all about this wonderful seed mix that Hart’s sells and Sandy helped to create. We are fully stocked with all kinds of microgreen seeds and sprout seeds. Until the weather really warms up enough so that we can plant outside, growing these nutritious seeds indoors really helps keep your diet a lot healthier in the winter months.

If you garden with the moon phases, be sure to pick up your Gardening by the Moon calendar when you are here on Seedy Sunday. Even seed sowing is done this way.

Our booth at the flower show last year

The CT Flower and Garden Show at the Convention Center in Hartford is only a few weeks away! This Sunday you can purchase discount flower show tickets at Natureworks, your last opportunity before the show begins onFebruary 18th. We also have in stock some really nice amaryllis bulbs and even a few paperwhite narcissus if you want to keep those winter windowsills colorful and fragrant. Diane asked me to be sure to mention that she and Amber have created some clearance sale displays with many 2015 ornaments and fairy items that we are discontinuing.

We have lots and LOTS of different types of nasturtium seeds on our racks.

This is a very different winter than the past few years. Still, I miss my gardens and am doing everything I can to keep my spirits up including frequent walks with my husband, tending dozens of houseplants, and forcing bulbs and branches. Preparing for classes and designing gardens also keep my mind on the plants I love. It helps so much. If you need a dose of spring, be sure to stop in this Sunday between 9 and 4. Sign up for the classes on February 13thand then, get thee to the flower show February 18-21st. After that, spring will literally be around the corner. See you soon…