The Shop is Transformed!

The Shop is Transformed!


Dear Nancy,

I am so excited to share with you this great news: our shop has gotten a complete makeover! Wait until you see how pretty it looks. Diane and her team have been working SO hard building new shelves, creating gorgeous displays, and basically reinventing everything for the next couple of months. It’s time to stop in and see the fruits of their labors!

Over the weekend I spent most of my time off outdoors. All around my neighborhood everyone was using really loud and annoying leaf blowers. I thought of the group Quiet Communities that I met at the Ecological Landscaping Conference last winter who are trying to reduce the noise (and air pollution) of all of this equipment. I put in my earbuds and tuned into public radio and listened to the Car Talk tribute to Tom Magliozzi who died last week. Brothers “Click and Clack” as they called themselves were the funniest men I have ever heard. Tom’s brother Ray did a wonderful tribute show and I found myself laughing out loud, hysterically. Anyone who saw me would have thought I was crazy! I planted trees, shrubs, and perennials and then spread a couple of yards of mulch to keep the soil warm. If I can possibly stop myself from taking home any more plants I can move on to planting BULBS! With the bulb sale we have going on (tulips half price, all other bulbs 25% off, buy $50 worth of bulbs and get 20 free tulips…) I just keep bringing more and more home. I keep finding new places to add some “spring bling”. We still have lots of daffodils, Alliums, crocus, and other unusual bulbs to choose from. The weather has been so perfect. What a lovely fall we are having, I am so grateful.



Naturally we sell only organic potting soil and houseplant food.

This Saturday I am offering a free workshop on the basics of growing houseplants. Here’s something most of my customers don’t know about me-when I went to agriculture school in the early 70’s, houseplants were hot. They didn’t offer any courses on indoor plants so I asked my advisor if I could do an independent study and he said yes. When I got out of school and got my first job at the greenhouses at Glen Terrace Nurseries in Hamden, I was immediately the houseplant expert! They even sent me to Florida to do buying and we created an indoor landscaping department. Over the years, houseplants went out of fashion as silk plants took over. Now, houseplants are BACK BIG TIME! I want to share my knowledge with a new generation of indoor gardeners. Of course, we have been stocking up on indoor plants to prepare for this weekend. One of the benefits of houseplants is that they clean the air. They also help forlorn gardeners keep their fingers in the dirt over the long winter months. I couldn’t live in New England without a house full of indoor plants.


On Sunday we are offering a free workshop on air plants. Yes, these plants are super easy to grow, and they don’t even need soil. Amber has been making really unique living wreaths using air plants and our new burlap flowers and ribbons. We also use them in terrariums. Learn the special techniques we have figured out to have great success with these very cool plants.


You will notice from the photos in our weekly emails that we are striving to offer very naturalistic designs for your home. As we travel to buying shows in the winter months, we seek out ribbons, flowers, and ornaments made of felt, burlap, metal, and glass. This year, living wreaths are featured to hang on the wall or even use as a table centerpiece. They can be made with air plants or succulents. We have the forms, moss, and all the ingredients you need. Amber, Kassie, and Jillian can make up custom orders for you or set you up with all the ingredients for you to do this at home.


One more new addition to our November/December lineup: Winter Sizzle! We are getting in an exciting shipment of outdoor plants that are ideal for windowboxes and planters. These include all kinds of evergreens, heaths and heathers, and wintergreen ( a great woodland evergreen ground cover). Many will be going into our client’s containers but we will have a nice retail selection as well. Read about how to deal with your container plantings at this time of year in the article on the left and consider replanting them with hardy plants that can be added to your gardens next spring.


Come in for a visit this week and share my enthusiasm for the natural world. We are an oasis of beauty. See you soon…

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