Spring Is In The Air!

Spring Is In The Air!

The word from the local weather forecasters is that this week, the temperatures will reach 70 degrees! Wow! That puts me and all my staff into high gear. This week, we have already received 18 pallets of Coast of Maine compost and soils. The shop is almost set up for our grand reopening for the 2016 growing season on the first day of spring which is… wait for it…11 days away!
Guess what I spotted in bloom on Sunday?
I saw my first Chionodoxa (glory of the snow) in bloom on Sunday in a sunny spot in my garden. The snow crocuses are now in their full glory, as are the snowdrops and the witch hazels. I see buds swelling on the trees and I even had a report of PEEPERS singing. Truly! It’s light out after I make dinner and I am waking up a lot earlier these days because of the sun streaming through my window.
The greenhouse has been cleared out and is about to be set up for cold hardy plants like the van full of pansies that Diane and Kassie are unloading in the photo above. When we open, we will have Hellebores, Easter baskets filled with blooming plants, and our famous hand painted Austrian eggs.

All of our growers are contacting us, telling us that their spring crops are ready and we need to take shipment NOW. Our nursery yard is ready and organized- benches cleared off, cold frame at the ready.

I hang our wonderful hand painted eggs from my chandelier in my dining room. Then I enclose new ones in gift boxes for my Easter guests. It is a great tradition that everyone looks forward to each year. My home is slowly filling up with fuzzy chicks, eggs I have been given as a gift in egg cups, and bunches of pussywillow and forsythia branches.

Make it a tradition to give your guests a hand painted Austrian egg every spring- start a tradition!

Easter is really early this year, Sunday March 27th. With such an early holiday, make sure you plan to come in to Natureworks to visit as SOON as we open to stock up on very special plants and gifts to celebrate the season.

Smile, very soon we will be planting pansies again…

This Saturday we are heading up to the NOFA CT Winter Conference. This is an incredible conference, with so many workshop choices it will boggle your mind. We will have a vendor booth with all of our seeds and organic seed starting supplies. Next weekend I will be speaking at the Master Gardener’s conference. This year it will be at Connecticut College in New London. I am psyched as I plan to visit their arboretum when I am there. I am so thrilled that Larry Weiner will be presenting this year. He is THE expert on meadow

gardening. I am working VERY hard on my talk: Growing a Wild Garden: Romantic, Sustainable, Sensible Design. I have literally spent the entire winter studying some groundbreaking books such as The Know Maintenance Perennial Garden by Roy Diblik (who is speaking at the UConn Sustainable Gardening Conference next week), Gardening in a Post Wild World, Planting: A New Perspective, and Humelo. This talk that I am giving will pull all my thoughts together and introduce a very new way of looking at landscape design and maintenance.

Enjoy the beautiful, warm days this week and if the weather gets cold and windy again, keep the faith. March is a crazy month, a tease. Spring is certainly on the way, all the signs are here. I once again worked in my yard on Sunday, open pruning my weeping threadleaf Japanese maple, cutting back

Keep calm and anticipate spring

perennials that I had left up over the winter, and organizing my back garage. My cat Bella joined me in the courtyard, rolling around on the warm stones, thrilled to be playing with me in the garden again. Bulbs popped up and bloomed all day long- I would turn my back and then there they were when turned back around. I had a permanent smile on my face all day.

Spring is in the air and I will see you very soon at some of the upcoming conferences and in the shop…