All in-stock OUTDOOR plants 50% OFF

All in-stock OUTDOOR plants 50% OFF


All in-stock OUTDOOR plants 50% OFF

Take advantage of this amazing weather and keep on planting! Here’s a sampling of some things we have in stock…


 All kinds of dwarf rhododendrons, including “Landmark” with brilliant red fall foliage. I planted this deep pink, April blooming beauty in my own foundation planting.  We also have 4

Rhododendron ‘Scinitillans’ with bluish-purple flowers. A knockout!

  • 1 Baccharis halmifolia- native salt bush for fall blooms
  • 1 Nyssa sylvatica- Tupelo tree with blazing fall color, a great native
  • 3 Heptacodium miconioides- Seven Sons tree with fragrant white flowers and coral calyxes
  • 1 Chionanthus virginicus- native fringe tree, white spring flowers, blue fall fruit for the birds
  • 4 Ludwig Spaeth lilacs- the deep, dark purple French lilacs everyone asks for
  • 3 Clethra ‘Ruby Spice’- sweetly scented pink flowers in August on a great native shrub
  • 4 ‘Autumn Sangria’ repeat blooming, Encore azaleas. Brilliant pink flowers just keep on coming in October! Blooms in May too.
  • Roses galore: “New Dawn’ super-hardy pale pink climber, thornless heirloom Zephirine Droughin rose, lots of double pink Knockouts, rich red ‘Valentine’, and more.
  • Dwarf, constantly blooming ‘Daybreak’ and ‘Red Elf’ Coreopsis- the latest in the breeding to offer compact, easy care plants
  • Gorgeous Japanese irises in lots of gorgeous colors
  • 15 Panicum ‘Northwind’ grasses in quarts- Perennial Plant of the Year for 2014.

I could go on and on and on… Get in here soon for the best selection of these great bargains!



In stock items only– 

On sale now until they are gone

  • HALF PRICE Penobscot Blend Compost- oops! I over-ordered this wonderful soil amendment, ideal for planting shrubs and trees. Diane says it has to go! Help!
  • 20% off select organic lawn care supplies- corn gluten, Cheep Cheep, grass seed, and lime.
  • 30% off bagged natural cedar mulch
  • 30 % off all Dr. Earth, EcoSmart, and Espoma products
  • 30% off neem, pyrethrin, and spinosad
  • 30% off organic weed killers
  • 30% off Neptune’s Harvest fertilizers
  • 30% off Sluggo and Sluggo Plus

and many more specials- check inside the shop and watch for the sale signs.


We have a couple of benches filled with past-bloom plants that are not in their prime but will happily grow if planted in your garden. The stock on these benches is everchanging. You never know what you will find. Check it out every time you visit.