Summer Color is Heating Up at Natureworks!

Summer Color is Heating Up at Natureworks!

Happy last week in June!  I am having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that next Wednesday is the 4th of July but the garden tells me it’s true. As I have said many times, I see the passage of time in terms of what is blooming in the garden. Last week was a series of firsts- my first orange roadside daylily

Delphiniums are here at Natureworks

opened, I harvested my first fresh blueberries and raspberries, and I saw my first monarch in my yard. These are just a few of the milestones we have reached in the growing season. I worked all weekend in my garden- it is so beautiful, I hated to leave BUT when I arrived at Natureworks, the sublime beauty of the gardens here bowled me over. The breadsead poppies are all in bloom, weaving up between huge stands of fragrant, blooming milkweed. Talk about summer color- we’ve got it! People wander out to the gardens and are captivated. You can be too! This Thursday evening at 5:30 we are having our first summer Wine Walk. We pour you a glass of wine and then we take an unscripted ramble through the demonstration gardens, exploring what’s in bloom. This follows Facebook Live at 5 pm. Why not come early and be in the audience?

Poppies are the stars in the garden this week. You must come for a visit and see!

This Sunday is our last Sunday open until the fall. We begin our summer hours next week. We are closed Wednesday, July 4th and then our new hours will be:   

OPEN TuesdayFriday 9-6, Saturday 9-5
*Please not that we will be closed on Sunday AND Monday during the summer*
The poppies are popping up through everything including the giant stands of common milkweed that are everywhere. The sweet scent of the milkweed blossoms is incredible.

This Sunday I was a the mad pruner in my gardens. This is the LAST WEEK for you to pinch your asters, mums, and fall blooming perennials such as

We now have Echinacea pallida plants, seen here in Diane’s meadow with Coreopsis. 

Helianthus and Chelone. And pinch I did, hauling piles of clippings to the compost. I also planted a new garden, in an antique wheelbarrow that I picked up at an estate sale. It has pollinator flowers in the center and baby butternut squash seeds that will trail over both ends. I also planted a giant round bowl of more pollinator flowers and placed it near my new raised bed. I yanked out lettuce that had bolted and broccoli that was done. Now I have room to plant… new stuff! With the full moon Wednesday night, it’s time for carrots and beets 

Veggie plants are gorgeous and now only $1 each. Come on, you MUST be able to pop in a few more…

(root crops) to be sown. Soon I will plant another round of cucumbers and summer squashes and pole beans. Diane says that our veggie seedlings have to go away so we are making them $1 each- perfectly good, organically grown peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes, and tomatillos. Just be sure to feed them when you plant them. 

I also redid some of my deck planters over the weekend. I had one last pot of pansies that finally faded so that pot got a redo. I put together a fabulous hanging 

Keep your hummingbird feeders full and plant lots and lots of flowers for the hummingbirds. We’ve got them!

basket of Cuphea ‘Firefly’ and hung it up outside my kitchen window to attract the hummingbirds. I am continuing to add to my new cutting garden and all of my zinnia seeds that I planted last weekend are up and growing. We have a big shipment of fresh annual color arriving this week. Now is the time to freshen up your containers and your gardens for the upcoming July 4thholiday. 

It’s also time to start FEEDING your vegetables and containers. This weekend will be our first heatwave of the summer and we will be watering a lot more often. Regular watering leaches out the nitrogen and makes the leaves turn a pale yellow. If you want your flowers to keep budding and blooming and you want your veggies to grow and produce, FEED THEM! That is why this Thursday evening at 5 pm I will focus on summer feeding on Facebook Live

It’s hydrangea time at Natureworks. Save the date: July 21stwe will be hosting CT author Lorraine Ballato who wrote the book Success with Hydrangeas. She will be sharing the latest research on pruning and caring for your hydrangeas. 

Watering properly is critical in the summer months. NEVER use an overhead sprinkler for your garden. ALWAYS water deeply. This sends the roots down deep in the soil for water and makes the plants much more resilient during dry spells. Click Here to link to our Watering Handout and take the advice to heart. Be sure your veggies are mulched with a thick layer of chopped straw. We even mulch our containers with shredded bark to help keep them moist.

Our little shop is literally engulfed with beautiful gardens in full bloom right now. Sit and relax and watch life unfold.

Natureworks is simply amazing right now. We plan all year for this time of year when the pollinators are buzzing around everywhere, the monarchs are laying eggs on the milkweed that is growing everywhere, and the air is filled with birdsong and the sweet perfume of flowers in bloom. This is a safe haven for pollinators, butterflies, birds, and PEOPLE! Your yard can be too. Spread the

Pollinators galore are thriving in our organic gardens.

word and tell your friends to come in for a visit and learn from us. Summer is about nurturing, teaching, gathering, tending, and simply enjoying the beauty of our natural world. That is why we are here. New to gardening? Don’t worry, we can guide you and we probably have a handout on our website you can read. Weekly Facebook Live videos, our weekly email, and our Saturdayworkshops and walks all combine to make summer in the garden a joyful experience. 

Please tell all of your friends about Natureworks and bring them for a visit this week. I hope to see you very soon!
Astilbes are still on sale and we have so many lovely varieties. This is ‘Red Sentinel’, an older variety that I love at this time of year.




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