Can I simply state that I am VERY grateful this year. First of all, for all of you, who have made 2018, our 35th year in business, so fun and so successful. We are SO looking forward to this holiday season which starts…NOW! I am also grateful to my

wonderful staff who have braved cold, rain, heat, humidity, a very late spring, an early fall snowstorm, and everything else and they just keep on smiling and keep on truckin’! Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and express gratitude. And Thanksgiving is upon us! We are closed for the holiday on Thursday for family time (naturally) and open at our regular time on Friday to celebrate Green Friday. We have officially renamed that day because…
a. we are such a very green business and 
b. we are overflowing with all kinds of freshly harvested greens

Our wreaths have arrived and they are GORGEOUS. Our first shipment of CT grown, fresh cut, premium Fraser fir trees will be here too. So sleep in, eat pie for breakfast, and then leisurely wander into Natureworks to shop. 
This Saturday is Small Business Saturday, a celebration that means the world to us. Owning a small business gets more and more challenging every year with competition from everywhere. But businesses like Natureworks are the heart and soul of a community. Can you imagine what the world would be like with ONLY chain stores, big box stores, and the internet? Small businesses have personality. They employ your relatives and neighbors. They are the unique creation of the owner and her staff.
Saturday is OUR day, and we hope you can come in and celebrate with us. We are thrilled that Santa Claus will be here on Saturday. Bring your kids and grandchildren and get your photos taken early. We will have refreshments too- locally made donuts and hot apple cider. You will find me in the greenhouse design studio, making wreaths as fast as my fingers can fly. 
What is the difference? Our wreaths are WiltPrufed and hand decorated. They last a long time and we welcome custom orders.
What sets our designs apart? First of all, we WiltPruf all of our wreaths. Second, we sell Fraser fir wreaths, which are super long lasting. We add all kinds of interesting evergreens, mostly harvested from my yard, to embellish our wreaths. Most of our bunches of greens are WiltPrufed too, with the exception of cedar and arborvitae which don’t take well to that process. Our bins of greens are starting to fill up, with more and more arriving daily. 
We welcome Leslie to our design studio. Look at this lovely wreath she created!

We are so excited to welcome Leslie Martino to our design studio. She has been helping you in the nursery yard all year, but NOW is when her design talent is revealed. Leslie is a very skilled designer as well as a judge for the Federated Garden Clubs of CT. 

Another of Leslie’s creations

If you want to see the magic happen before your eyes, tune in on WEDNESDAY for Facebook Live at 4. We are doing it a day early as we are closed for the holiday on Thursday. I am calling it “Goodness Gracious those Greens are Gorgeous!” and I will teach you about the many different types of greens we are working with this season. 

Besides sharing our fun and informative Facebook Live videos with your family over the holiday weekend, you may want to show them our fun, talking ornament videos. We posted a few last week and have two new ones for your this week. Click Here for the first one. Can you imagine how hysterical we get when we take photos of our ornaments and then try and put “words in their mouth” so to speak? Yes, this is not your everyday big box store, this is a store with personality!

“Psst, some of those ornaments are talking. Do YOU talk? What’s going on here?”
The inside of our shop is stuffed with great gift items including dripless, New England made Mole Hollow candles, natural fir infused Bedrock candles, Red Bee honey and their marvelous healing herbal tea blends, and holiday mugs that can be filled with greens and berries and then later used for a cup of tea.
Healing tea blends from Red Bee Honey

We have houseplants galore and pretty pots to put them in. We are steadily selling our oversized Amaryllis bulbs. If you pick out a plant and a pot, or a bulb and a pot, we will pot it up for you for free while you wait using our wonderful Organic Mechanics

soil. While you are here, grab some paperwhite bulbs and start them. Take home enough to start a batch once a week for the next few weeks. They only take about 21 days from planting till blooming so you can fill your house with beautiful blooming bulbs all during the holiday time. 


With the early arrival of snow and cold temperatures, don’t forget to grab a bag of our pet safe and garden safe Ice Melt. It REALLY WORKS and won’t hurt your dogs or cats or the environment. This is SO important! 


Modern macrame for today’s houseplant lovers.

Yes, my friends, MACRAME is back! My young staff is totally embracing this craft which my generation made popular in the 70’s. It has gotten an update and comes in every size and shape. You guessed it, I have even figured out a way to make our snowman talk. Click Here!


Of course, macrame plant hangers alone aren’t happy until they are filled with plants. And putting a trailing ivy or pothos into a macrame hanger, well, let me tell you, I’ve done it a million times back in the day. You also have to make sure that the whole set up is practical, with a generous saucer to avoid messy spills. We even have teeny, tiny macrame hangers that look so cute with our ittie bittie plants in them. How about an arrangement of fresh greens and berries in a pretty pot inside a macrame hanger that can later be used for a plant? See? We let our imaginations go free and then YOU benefit!


Thanksgiving is a holiday that all Americans can share. We gather with family and friends, we feast, we count our blessings. It will be easy to forget the cold weather outside as we celebrate. And celebrate we will…


 See you soon!