The DAISY DAYS of Summer are Here! Pt. II

The DAISY DAYS of Summer are Here! Pt. II

teddybear‘Teddy Bear’ sunflowers are so much fun!

My garden at home is filled to overflowing with every kind of daisy imaginable. First of all, there are sunflower “trees” everywhere (see the picture at the top of this email). I remove many of the lower leaves and allow at least a couple dozen giant sunflower plants to remain throughout my beds. I haven’t planted them in years. The birds drop the seeds and they self-sow for me! Not only are they constantly visited by bees and other pollinators, the goldfinches have a party in my garden every day, singing their happy songs. It brings me endless hours of enjoyment.

rudbeckiaRudbeckia ‘Henry Eilers’ has tubular flower petals and makes a great cut flower.

I have perennial sunflowers as well such as Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ which the birds also enjoy. Echinaceas abound, as do Rudbeckias, including the unusual Rudbeckia subtomentosa ‘Henry Eilers’ with tubular flower petals, one of the best cut flowers for August. I added that perennial last fall and am so glad I did!

adobe‘Adobe Orange’ coneflower

If your annual pots need freshening, we’ve got daisies for that too! Gaillardias in peach and yellow, ‘Teddy Bear’ double sunflowers (shown at the top of this block), purple and blue early asters have all recently arrived in small pots, perfects for windowboxes and containers.

cone‘Green Envy’ coneflower

Looking for more perennial daisies for August? Aster frikarti ‘Monch’ is an old fashioned blue daisy that has stood the test of time. I rarely see this plant anymore, but have managed to get my hands on a nice, locally grown crop. It blooms for over two months, as does Aster ‘Blue Autumn’ which has been flowering since July. Heleniums are also wonderful August daisy perennials: ‘Coppelia’ is deep, rich red and ‘Mardi Gras’ is orange.

Want to know a design secret? Combine daisies with flowers of a completely different form to really show them off. Suggestions from our benches this week include red flat-topped yarrows, purple spiked Agastaches, and soft, fluffy white Calamintha. Alternating shapes, textures, and forms of flowers make for an exquisite garden.