The DAISY DAYS of Summer

The DAISY DAYS of Summer

What a wonderful sound to wake up to, a steady rain falling on the roof on Tuesday. It’s a relief to know that our garseedlingsdens and lawns are finally getting the deep soaking they need. This weather makes it the perfect time to plant your fall vegetables. Our organic seedlings arrived last week and our seed racks are now fully stocked. The moon phase is approaching the ideal time for planting above ground crops. What more could you ask for? With plenty of empty beds (check out my awesome potato harvest below!) I am raring to go. I plant seedlings AND seeds of many edibles such as lettuces, escarole, spinach, kale, and broccoli raab. What are you adding to YOUR food garden this week?


Look at that empty bed, beckoning to be planted. The one next to it already has carrots and beans coming up from plantings done a few weeks ago.

We also have restocked many of the most popular culinary herbs. Coriander can be planted now; it won’t bolt to seed as quickly as the weather cools down. Pot up rosemary and basil into clay pots and care for them on the deck until the cold weather sets in, then bring them into the house.


Veggies and fresh herb plants fill our benches right now. What are you planting in your fall food garden?

Put in a fresh planting of dill and then let it go to seed in late fall- you will find tons of dill babies next spring.

Speaking of planting, you should see the fantastic selection of new perennials and annuals we just got in! To celebrate the DAISY DAYS of summer, we have every kind of daisy imaginable. Read the article below to learn more about the easy care, August-loving daisies that will make your garden “pop” with excitement right now.


How’s your lawn doing? Mine is pretty brown, which is perfectly normal for the middle of August after many weeks of hot, dry weather. The best thing you can do is to mow high and give it a boost by foliar feeding it. Read the article on the left to understand  more about organic lawn care now and, more critical, in September. That’s when it really makes a HUGE difference.

Monarch madness continues at the shop, with over 75 monarchs in various stages (eggs, caterpillars large and small, chrysalises, and freshly hatched butterflies) fill our world with wonder. We are gearing up for Diane’s All About the Monarch Butterfly talk on August 29th. More milkweed plants arrived this week and we are fully stocked with all of the other types of Asclepias species that the monarchs need for larval food and nectar.

monarchWho does this but my crazy Natureworks staff? Over 18 monarch butterfly chrysalises were carefully tied (dental floss was connected to their silk tops) to a twig tree in our shop, safe inside a plastic and mesh bag. They have been transforming into butterflies before our eyes. Be sure to check out the amazing display when you visit.

This Saturday, August 15th, is our Summer Fairy Festival. This is such a fun event. I love watching the children and their grown-ups building fairy houses in our gardens. The kids also get to take home their own fairy garden in a pot, a magic wand, and a floral crown. Magic fills the air on our fairy festival days and we all delight, young and old, at the joy that comes from setting our imaginations free in a safe and lovely garden setting. We still have openings. Be sure to register soon so no one will be disappointed.

Fresh plants, plenty of color, outrageously lush gardens, plenty of organic veggie seedlings, a full seed rack, a monarch butterfly menagerie – you just HAVE to stop in this week and bring your friends. I was in Boston for three days last week and visited many garden centers on my travels. I have to say, we are looking mighty good and there’s NO place like Natureworks!

I’ll see you soon…