To Mom with Love

To Mom with Love

Welcome to an absolutely stunning week in May. Mother’s Day weekend is upon us and it’s time to celebrate not just our moms, but all of the strong, powerful women in our lives. My mom was a tiny woman and an amazing human being. There was nobody kinder. She had a fierce stubbornness that

This picture of my mom was taken the day we announced our engagement. She was SO happy!

carried her through 90 years of all life could throw at her. Her birthday was May 6th. She has been gone 11 years. It’s hard to believe. Each year we would have a double celebration on Mother’s Day. Our presence was her present, but I ALWAYS worked in her rose garden and planted her annual containers for her before the birthday cake was served. I had so many other female role models- my great Aunt Jo, Lucie Carlin, my Aunt Dottie, and many coworkers and clients. This is the weekend to celebrate them.

Moms deserve all we can offer them on Mother’s Day. Why not make it REALLY special and call ahead to have a gift certificate waiting for your mom this weekend? Give us the heads up when you get here and we will present it to her in style! This Saturday I will be planting up beautiful annual containers all day. You can point to the flowers you love and I will combine them for you. We have over 100 of the most spectacular hanging plants I have ever seen, grown with beneficial insects notpesticides. They can either hang from a hook on the porch OR you can remove the hanger and slip them into pots on the patio. Voila! An instant container garden. Perhaps you want to help your mom with her garden. We can help you pick out a nice selection of perennials that will bloom every year on Mother’s Day. Inside, we have lovely succulent planters and many unique gifts. Nothing says “You’re Special” better than a gift from Natureworks. 

Pop a pair of hanging baskets into a pair of pots on your porch for an instant mixed container. So easy!

The trucks are rolling in daily and our garden center has never looked so beautiful. What we have changes constantly. This week’s features include

Check out these new red marigolds called ‘Strawberry Blonde’!

gorgeous rose bushes, bleeding hearts, a rainbow of creeping phlox, ‘Scent and Sensibility’ dwarf lilacs, and an insane collection of beautiful annuals. Edible figs have arrived, including ‘Little Miss Figgy’, a dwarf fig that I have been coveting for years. We have herbs and ground covers and wildflowers and berry bushes and native plants of all kinds. 

Tune in this Thursday evening at 5 pmto Facebook Live and watch the magic happen as we demonstrate how to create a beautiful mixed container of annuals. Many of the plants we carry at Natureworks may be new to you. We will introduce you to some of our favorites for sun, shade, hummingbirds, butterflies, and fragrance. You will surely be inspired. 

Next week is Veggie Week. We wait until the middle of May to get in our organic warm season vegetable seedlings (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants) to assure that the air and the soil is warm enough as we have no way of protecting these thousands of plants from a late chill. Don’t let last week’s heat wave fool you. May can be surprisingly chilly at night. What you CAN do to prepare for veggie week is to pick up a cedar raised bed, put it together, and fill it with our wonderful organic soil and compost. I am adding three new raised beds to my yard. The beds we carry are 3′ x 6′ and only $119.99. They are easy to put together and made of rot-resistant cedar. We have one on display by our organic fertilizer shed. 

We also have 6 foot long Smart Pots. I planted one with cool season crops a few weeks ago on Facebook Live and covered it with floating row covers. It is AMAZING! We are eating spinach salads every day. 

Spinach salad anyone?

The ruby throated hummingbirds have arrived in CT- everyone is reporting them at their feeders and in their gardens. Why not give your mom one of our hummingbird feeders, a bag 

Hummingbird Supplies

of our special nectar, and a selection of hummingbird attracting annuals and perennials? We can put the entire collection together in a pretty gift package. I guarantee you that she will be calling you to report on her hummingbirds all summer long. I plant up a collection of clay pots with Cupheas, Salvias, Calibrachoas, Agastache, Lantanas, Verbenas, and other classic hummingbird flowers and 

place them on the steps of my deck. Most evenings my husband and I share a glass of wine and watch them nectaring. I am thrilled this season is once again upon us. The ONLY way you will enjoy hummingbirds is if you stop working, stop looking at your phone, sit, and relax. That is the gift of this tiny, miraculous creature. 

Along with the beautiful weather come a few pests that you should be aware of in your garden. Read my article below about things to scout for this week and alternative ways to manage pests using beneficial insects. Also, check out the next in our continuing series on groundcovers and layering the garden. As I stroll my yard at home, every place I see a weed or an empty spot, I always think about what I could plant there. My goal is extreme diversity of flowers and foliage as well as to dramatically reduce how much mulch I have to spread. It’s working and my garden is much fuller and much prettier as the years go by. 

Unusual perennials such as Dicentra ‘Gold Heart’ grace our benches. Visiting Natureworks is like going on a horticultural treasure hunt!

You couldn’t find a better week to come to Natureworks for a visit. The 

Lovely Lantana

gardens are glorious, the nursery yard is exploding with fresh color, and the shop is a pure delight. Plus, we have everything you need to have an organic landscape and surround yourself with beauty. Let the garden be your oasis, your escape hatch. Let the garden feed your soul. Give the gift of a garden to others. We’ve been doing just that for 35 years and we would love to help you. 

I hope to see you soon…

 Swan River daisy