Vernonia ‘Iron Butterfly’ in my Garden

Vernonia ‘Iron Butterfly’ in my Garden

Vernonia ‘Iron Butterfly’ in my garden, covered with honey bees and other pollinators. I could hear the plant buzzing from a distance as I approached! It is next to Sanguisorba canadensis, another great native for September.

As I walked my gardens on Sunday, I realized how very special my own yard is. Feeling a bit like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, it made me grateful for my own patch of paradise. There’s no place like home. The bees were buzzing like crazy- they were all over my Vernonia lettermanii ‘Iron Butterfly’, a sure sign that native plants really do attract the pollinators.

Do you know Nemesias? They are such pretty cool season plants that will go the distance into late fall. This new variety is called ‘Babycakes Little Banana’. It makes me smile. What a great plant for windowboxes and as a filler for hanging baskets.

I returned to Natureworks on Tuesday, equally pleased to see that my staff had taken such good care of the plants and gardens in my absence. I hear many of them have cramps in their hands from all of the constant watering. The place looks awesome. I visited many other nurseries and gardens in my travel last week, but truly, there is no place like Natureworks. Monarchs are flying about, as are swallowtails and fritillary butterflies. Color fills every nook and cranny, from beautiful cool season annuals to wonderful perennials that will fill your gardens with color year after year. I am so grateful for every single perennial I added to my fall garden last year. Little by little, I am building up quite a display.

A fresh crop of perennial Mammoth Mums is here. This is ‘Yellow Quill’ which begins blooming in the summer and keeps on going into the fall.

Karen and Jane smiling among the lush benches of perennials that they so lovingly water and tend each day. My staff is truly amazing! I so appreciate them.

The spring blooming bulbs have arrived and I have have started to bring in my organically grown hardneck seed garlic. The shop is being transformed to accommodate all of this bounty as I write this! Wait till you see what we have in store for you this fall. I let Diane and Amber choose the bulbs this year and they did a great job. Monarchs in every stage of life are still on every spare surface. We still have many cool season veggie seeds, succulents and terrariums (and a Terrarium Workshop this weekend, see the Calendar of Events for details) to tempt you, and, of course, a very well stocked fairy garden department.

This Saturday is another session of our Fall Gardening School. From 9:30-10:30 am I will lead a free garden walk that will focus on what’s blooming in our borders and how to organize your thoughts for the upcoming garden renovation season in October. This Saturday is also our September Early Bird Sale. We open at 7 am and between 7 and 9 am we offer you free organic coffee while you shop and a $5 gift card which you can use on any purchase of $20 or more. Natureworks will also be having a booth at the Green Expo and CT Folk Festival in Edgerton Park in New Haven this Saturday. Stop by and say hi!

Do a rain dance, then dance into Natureworks for some fresh color and inspiration. I look forward to seeing you this week…








P.S. We are now open on Sundays again from 10-4. Hooray!!