We Are Your HAPPY PLACE for the Holidays

We Are Your HAPPY PLACE for the Holidays

Twas the week before Christmas and the week before Hanukkah and the week before Kwanzaa and the week OF the winter solstice. So much to celebrate! 
Did you see my video last week? This is a sample of Mantel Roping that I made. I will be creating one for my own mantel this week. Bring us your measurements and let us customize one for you!
Top of the list is the longest night of the year. After this Saturday, December 21st, it’s 

I added Superthrive to my Christmas tree water to keep my tree fresh much longer. And I will use it on my houseplants this winter too. 

all uphill for gardeners in our part of the world. The days ever-so-slowly get longer, the sun gets stronger, and we retreat to our winter nests to read gardening books, study, tend our winter windowsills, rest, and catch up with everything we don’t do when we are living our lives outside. My home is very slowly coming together for the gatherings to come. My beautiful fresh Christmas tree is up and the lights are on. Even my husband said it really is the most perfect tree ever. That is because I picked it out early and had Austin cut the bottom and put it in water right away. On Sunday, I gave it one more fresh cut, added Superthrive to the water, and up it went. I will be adding my ornaments all week long. I have to pick and choose which ones make the cut this year… 36 years of owning a Christmas shop means I have LOTS of ornaments! 

Pick up a few extra small arrangements for co-workers, babysitters, teachers, grab bag gifts. It is always such a nice gesture to say thank you with an all natural arrangement of locally grown greens. If you know you will want a bunch of them, call us in advance so we can have them ready for you. They sell SO fast!

This is the week when we are creating fresh arrangements all day long. Poke your head in the greenhouse design studio and watch us work. The minute you walk in you will smell the balsam and fir. Ahhh… breathe it in and relax. I find myself designing and answering all kinds of gardening questions at the same time. Over the weekend, as I finished up my orders for holly wreaths and all-natural grave pillows, I chatted with my customers about planting winterberry bushes next spring, keeping aphids off of hibiscus plants indoors, and dividing asters. We have so many talented designers this year, it is a real joy for me to share the work and the creativity. We are having a lot of fun.

We sell the prettiest fresh cut flowers at this time of year. You can buy them by the stem, add them to arrangements, or pick up a canning jar filled with fresh greens and flowers. 
We love mixing Hypericum berries and seeded Eucalyptus with all of the different fresh evergreens. Wait till you see what we are getting in this week. Such fun!

A lot of the fun comes from the fact that we are playing with fresh flowers, unusual pods and berries, and I am starting to bring in the most unique of my evergreen boughs that I have been saving for very special orders. This week we are expecting tallow berries, miniature pink pineapples, many colors of St. Johnswort berries, star of Bethlehem flowers (these last SO long), variegated Thujopsis greens, and so much more. Amber, Leslie, and I are all doing custom orders. Feel free to call us to discuss an idea with us. The closer it gets to this weekend, the harder it will be to get specific flowers and berries, so don’t wait to place your orders. 

Big or small, we make them all.

Inside the shop, a whole other group of talented Natureworkers have been planting up the most wonderful terrariums, succulent gardens, and air plant gardens. They have been matching houseplants with pretty containers and embellishing them all with bows and little ornaments. These are also really popular gifts. Sometimes it’s nice to have a few things around in case you have to come up with a gift at the last minute. We’ve got them. 

And don’t forget the candles. As we approach the longest night of the year, fight off that darkness with the light of Mole Hollow dripless taper candles, pure beeswax tapers, and Bedrock Tree Farm all-natural fir scented candles. It is a ritual I follow every single evening when I come home from work. It relaxes me and brings such cheer to our household at this time of year. 

This Thursday night from 4-7 pm we are having our

Second Annual Late Night Fun Night. 
We will have wine and yummy food to nibble on. Come and hang out with us, laugh and chill, and shop in a leisurely fashion. You will then understand what I mean when I say we are your HAPPY PLACE. 

Eliza, who runs our Incredible Edibles department, has just gotten in our first order of organic seeds for the 2020 growing season.  Instead of waiting until Seedy Sunday, she decided to offer a full rack of our favorite seeds now. What a great gift they would make. They offer the promise of a new year ahead. Plus, you can grab the milkweed and other Asclepias seeds and sow them now on frozen soil to give them their chill period. Bread seed poppies too. My favorites are on the rack: Honeynut baby butternut squash, Ya Ya carrots, baby bell peppers, and Brandywine heirloom tomatoes just to name a few. 

You can also grab some great reads for the 

winter ahead or to give as gifts. We are super excited to teach you about creating and growing a mini-meadow in your yard in 2020. Lawn Elimination is a New Year’s resolution worth making. We are also selling the books by two of the speakers at the CT Horticultural Society Winter Symposium on February 1st, 2020. We have Roy Diblik’s The Know Maintenance Garden and Lisa Mason-Ziegler’s Vegetables Love Flowers. I hope you have registered for this exciting event already. The Mark Twain House, where it is being held, is a lovely venue but it only holds 165 people so don’t delay. The link can be found below. 

This week’s video will be a surprise. I am cooking something up that my staff will help me with. I promise to inspire you and offer you some good tips to help you truly enjoy the last few weeks of the year. Videos are posted at 4 pm on both our Natureworks YouTube channel and on our Facebook page. 

We have lots of new air plants and we are having fun planting them up in all sorts of containers. 
We are open every single day until 6 pm on December 23rd. We are closed on Christmas Eve day so that our staff can enjoy precious family time or just unwind a bit after such a busy year. And busy it has been, our best year ever, thanks to all of you coming in and supporting us and telling your friends about us. We so appreciate it. We love what we do and feel blessed to be able to continue for our 37th year in 2020. 
Be sure to stop in and celebrate with us. See you very soon!




P.S. We have pet and plant safe ice melt. It really works well, even in extremely cold temperatures.

P.P.S.Don’t forget the discount Flower Show tickets!