Welcome to Fairyland!

Welcome to Fairyland!


As you walk into our shop, look to your left and you will find shelf upon shelf of miniature garden accessories.  The teeny tiny wheelbarrow above is filled with greens and stands no taller than 3 inches!


Gnomes abound, ready to embellish even the smallest mini. garden. Adorable pink flamingos, chickens and coops, gates, fences, arbors… you name it, we probably have it on our shelves.


Let us help you put together a kit with all the ingredients need to unleash someone’s inner creative genius. Inspire them to plant their own terrarium or miniature garden. We have small bags of soil, charcoal, decorative stones, globes, containers, air plants, terrarium plants, and of course, all of the fun decorative items that will bring their creation to life.


Our globe terrariums make great gifts for teachers, a co-worker (they sit flat as well as hang), people with small homes or apartments who want live plants… They also are a unique hostess gift as well. We use succulents, air plants, and miniature plants in our creations. They can be holiday themed, a beach vignette, or a magical, miniature world to enchant anyone on your list.