Well HELLO Spring!

Well HELLO Spring!

NOW we’re talking! Spring weather is finally here and it looks like it might actually stick around this time. What a blessed relief. I am finally seeing what looks like April to me- my white weeping cherry tree in full bloom, buzzing with bees. Daffodils galore flowering everywhere. Wildflowers appearing as if by magic where nothing was showing a week ago. Asparagus spears growing an inch or two a day. You get the picture. Onward spring, you CAN do this!
My husband and I call this our “wedding tree’ as it usually is in full bloom by our anniversary on April 18th. This year it started flowering on April 23rd. Not bad considering the cold weather we have suffered through. I stand below it and listen to thousands of bees pollinating the flowers. 

We had a fabulous Earth Day weekend and taught lots of people how to care for our earth organically. Let’s keep this message going. I shopped at a

hardware store on Monday and was saddened to see aisle after aisle of poisons. We have so much work to do to convince people to stop using this stuff! Dandelions! This flower is the cause of more poisons dumped on the earth than anything. Even my husband is mad at them- little does he know that I have been harvesting the tender, young dandelion greens and sneaking them 

into my cooking for a week now. They are so good for you! And violets- so pretty, and so important as the larval food plant for fritillary butterflies. Bumblebees- they live underground. Toxic grub poison simply kills them. Bumblebees pollinate tomatoes and blueberries by buzz pollination. Honey bees can’t do it. We are psyched that we finally have Grub Gone in stock, an organic bio-insecticide that we have been waiting for for THREE YEARS! This is a safe and very effective way to kill all kinds of beetle grubs in the soil in all life stages. Come in and check it out. This is a breakthrough in organic lawn care as it is a curative as well as preventative treatment. Supplies are limited and we have it in stock now!

Pulsatilla vulgaris is the Pasque flower. Mine actually started blooming on Easter Sunday but is really in full flower now. I don’t deadhead it as the seed pods are really interesting. We have it in stock in many colors.

The benches are filling up quickly. The trucks are rolling in and we are unloading and displaying our plants as fast as we can. For a while, the perennials and shrubs were stalled and nothing was ready. Now, let the 

Columbine flowers come in so many colors- white, blue, purple, pink and red. They are hummingbird magnets

flood gates open. We can’t pedal fast enough! Creeping phloxes, Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’, columbines, Geums, native marsh marigolds, and Hellebores of every color are just some of the plants in bloom right now. We are stocking over 15 varieties of this fabulous shade perennial. We call that area of the nursery Hellebore Heaven. The flowers are exquisite and the leaves look wonderful until they are 

covered with a thick blanket of snow. 
Hellebore Heaven is officially open in the nursery!

Tune in Thursday evening at 5 pm for another episode of Facebook Live. This week we will be showing you our favorite spring groundcovers and explaining the new concept of planting the ground layer instead of mulching. This is an investment in the future- lowering the maintenance and increasing the pollinator and beneficial insect population in your landscape. Be ready with your questions, I realize that many folks may not quite yet understand the gist of this groundbreaking concept.

This Saturday, Natureworker Suzanne Hauselt is giving a FREE workshop on attracting hummingbirds to your yard. I checked the hummingbird migration map and two have already been spotted in CT. The secret is to get your feeders out NOW so that when they arrive, they want to stay in your yard and make it their territory, raising their young there. Also, plant lots of hummingbird

Ajuga flowers are a magnet for hummingbirds and early pollinators.

attracting flowers. Start with the perennials and flowering shrubs that are coming into bloom at this time of year- columbines, coral bells, Ajuga, Pulmonaria, bleeding hearts, quince, and azaleas top my list for early May. Then you need to plan on having their favorite nectar flowers available every month until they leave in the fall. So stop by on Saturday morning at 10 am and learn all about it. And Click Here to link to our handout on hummingbirds which is always available on our website. Shop our easy-to-clean feeders and pick up some of our Sweet-Nectar.This superior product is cane sugar and water infused with a blend of steam distilled floral hydrosols, carefully created from the flowers most visited by hummingbirds. It also provides calcium to promote healthy egg development and electrolytes to aid in the prevention of dehydration. You can even set up a hummingbird swing for some extra viewing enjoyment!

Hummingbird Supplies
As many of you know, I garden in synch with the phases of the moon. Early

next week, just following the full moon on Sunday, is prime time to plant root crops. POTATOES should go in and we’ve got them, many wonderful varieties of organic seed potatoes. This is it, when they are gone they’re gone. You should also seed in carrots, beets, radishes, and turnips. I plant ‘Mikado’ baby turnips, an easy-to-grow delicacy. 

If you have never grown and eaten your own fresh dug potatoes, you are missing out! You don’t need a raised bed- they are easy to grow in a Smart Pot. Just dump them out to harvest!

We are constantly restocking our organic vegetables and herbs. Keep on planting lettuce seeds and plants, kale, spinach, Swiss chard, and all of the Brassicas- broccoli (which Diane says is big and PERFECT), cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, and Brussels sprouts. Parsley, sage, thyme, and many of our herbs can go in now- they can take the frost that we should still expect until late in May. 

Have you planted your spinach yet? It LOVES the cool temperatures of late April and May. Don’t forget the floating row cover to protect spinach and Swiss chard from leaf miners.

So make sure to come into Natureworks this week and check out all of the new plants and veggies and herbs we are getting in daily. As you walk through the annual section, you will inhale the honey scent of sweet alyssum. The gardens are filled with flowering bulbs and perennials and will entice you to wander, learn, and relax. Inside the store you will find our fully stocked seed racks, all kinds of succulent containers, ideal for gift giving on Administrative Assistant’s Day (Wednesday April 25th) or for any reason! 


I hope to see you this week…



P.S. When you come for a visit, be sure to check out the beautiful succulent planters in the shop. I especially love the faux bois logs. And who doesn’t need a tiny meditating Buddha sitting next to their computer?

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