The Wondrous World of Miniature Gardens

The Wondrous World of Miniature Gardens


All during the holiday season, I stand at my design bench behind the curtain next to the door as you walk into our shop. On the shelf next to the door is a large miniature garden. I watch with delight as people walk in and immediately exclaim about the enchanting miniature world they have just encountered.

I have also been watching a steady stream of grandmothers, aunts, and moms coming in and putting together fairy gardening kits for their youngsters. It warms my heart to see the care they take in choosing just the right items. What I like about this gift is that you are giving someone not just a garden, but the opportunity to recreate and play with that garden constantly. As holidays come and go, the garden is changed to reflect St. Patrick’s Day, spring, Easter, Halloween. It’s easy to “re-landscape” a garden that is only 12″ by 14″!


Above our cash register counter hang dozens of glass globes, each one a miniature garden. Some have air plants, some are made with succulents, others with ferns. All are artfully designed to capture the imagination. They are our most popular gift this year and we make new ones daily.  Again, my talented staff customizes the gardens to match the personality of the gift recipient.


When I was young, the gifts that you got for Christmas were a lot simpler than the plastic toys and electronic gadgets of today. Most were presents meant to entertain us for a long time. Think of how you can awaken someone’s imagination at this time of year. Then you will be giving them a gift that will keep on giving. 2130

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