Yes, it really IS November!

Yes, it really IS November!


The view from my kitchen window as the sun sets this week.

How can it be November already? With the turning back of the clocks last weekend, reality is truly setting in. The year is winding down, and with it, the outdoor gardening we love so much. I did a lot of planting over the weekend as well as cutting back of my frosted veggies and annuals. I continued to work on staging my houseplants indoors and put my Amaryllis, Caladium, Alocasia, and other tender bulbs in the cellar for their dormant period. This week I am digging my dahlias and preparing them for storage. As I emptied some plastic pots, I actually studded them with white pine branches that had come down during the big wind storm last Thursday night. They look so pretty! Out came the birdfeeders and suet hangers. In went some bulbs, with lots more to be put in over the next three weeks, including and entire raised bed of garlic. 

First frost in my yard was Saturday morning. I am now clearing out the raised beds and cutting things down. 


At Natureworks, this is the very last week to shop our outdoor plant sale. Austin came up with a genius idea that we immediately agreed to: we are having a Veterans Day Extended Weekend Sale! This will go for 4 days, Thursday, 

The view as I drove up to the shop on Saturday morning. That is a fringe tree in the background. We still have ONE left and it’s on sale!

November 7th thru Sunday, November 10th (we are still closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for one more week). Most outdoor plants will be on sale at 75% off! Yikes! Military and their families are also extended a $5 coupon off any $25 purchase of non-sale items. Also, in honor of those who have served us, there will be an exciting raffle.  For $1 per raffle ticket (or 6 tickets for $5) you can enter the raffle and help give back to our veterans. 100% of raffle donations will be given to Operation Homefront. This is a national nonprofit that has been supporting veterans and their families for more than 15 years. The mission of this organization is to “build strong, stable, and secure military families so they can thrive in the communities they’ve worked so hard to protect.” The raffle drawing will take place on Veterans Day, and the winner will receive a beautiful handmade holiday arrangement! ($35 value) 

We hope to see you on this special weekend as we savor the beautiful colors of the season and give thanks to the men and women who bravely served our country. To learn more about Operation Homefront Click Here.

The sale ends on Sunday afternoon and then, on to the next phase of the Natureworks year. All of our outdoor sale plants will go away, planted either into our shop or home gardens. We need to make room for…wait for it… evergreens! Christmas trees! Buckets and buckets of fresh cut greens and berries! Wreaths and roping. It’s true, Thanksgiving is only 22 days away. 

When Diane and Amber go shopping, look out world! Wait till you see what they have chosen for the shop for November and December!

Meanwhile, the inside of our shop has gotten a total makeover. 

Diane and Amber have been shopping and have filled the shop with houseplants, succulents, cactus, pottery, and lots of very special gifts. They are hanging ornaments, making arrangements and succulent pumpkins. Why would you buy your houseplants here? First of all, big box stores are totally charm free. While trying to pick out plants, you will hear the beep beep beep of forklifts and inhaling the poison sprays in the aisle nearby. At Natureworks, shopping is fun, relaxing, and inspirational. We love our plants and treat them well. We love our pretty pots and we use high quality, organic soil, fertilizers, worm castings, and other things to keep them happy and healthy. We will help you match the right plant to the spot. We even have a list of plants that are pet and kid friendly. 

There is something hidden in this picture that will make you smile. Do you see it?

We are also well stocked with giant Amaryllis bulbs, rocks, pots, and glass forcing 

jars. Same goes for paperwhite Narcissus bulbs. Planting them now means you will have blooming bulbs in December and January. 

We love to be creative. Think of us when you are heading to a gathering and pick up a succulent and dried flower pumpkin. They last for a long time and then you can peal off the top and plant the succulents in cactus soil. 

Speaking of being creative, we are starting to organize our design department which will reside in our greenhouse from mid-November until December 23rd. 

 First up is Thanksgiving. Our three designers create really elegant table arrangements in our naturalistic, signature style. We can also help you with tablescaping ideas including filling wooden bowls with gourds, cones, baby pumpkins, herbs, and flowers. Need candles? We are once again stocking dripless Mole Hollow candles, made right here in New England, a brand we have been selling since the Stony Creek days in the 80’s. Looking for a dried flower wreath for the wall? We are making those too, from grapevines harvested from my yard and dried flowers grown right here. 

Because we have to get organized so far in advance, we have been playing around with some sample designs for December. What do you think? Do you like the cardinal ribbon? 

Darker days and longer nights can spell the blues for many gardeners. Don’t let this transition time get you down. Do what I do… fill your house with lush plants, pretty flowers, and sprouting bulbs. Light scented candles in the evening to bring a bit more 

This was the arrangement that Leslie made in our class last Saturday. We have some wonderful designers on our team this year. We are so thankful. 

light into your life. Get outside on every single sunny day and soak up the rays while you go about your chores. My neighbors think I work too hard, but I tell them that I LIKE puttering around outside, no matter what time of year, as long as it’s a nice day. There are stakes to sort and stack, tools to clean and sharpen, pots to empty and then refill with greens and berries, grapevines to yank from the trees and twist up into wreaths and garlands, leaves to gather and place on the raised beds, garlic and bulbs to plant, summer furniture to put away. They are all good excuses to escape the house and get outside, even for an hour or two. 

Yes, I have my jigsaw puzzle table set up. I have stockpiled a bunch of good books. I have episodes of gardening shows lined up to watch on my computer. I have classes to prepare for and thousands of pictures to sort that I took this year. I can get through being indoors just fine. But I couldn’t do it without these simple pleasures to take the edge off. I am sure you can relate a little bit to what I am sharing with you. Make your home your sanctuary. We can help you to do that. 

See you soon…

A little birdie told me that we will start being open 7 days a week starting November 17th and we will be open thru December 23rd.



 Tune in this Thursday when we put up our newest video on YouTube and Facebook. I will be explaining how to pot up and grow our jumbo Amaryllis bulbs in soil or forcing jars and how to take your old bulbs and get them ready for their dormant period.

P.P.S. Also stay tuned to our social media pages during the week now through Christmas. We post new arrangements, freshly planted terrariums and pots, super cute ornaments and more each and every day! Soon will come the wreaths!